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Care & Feeding of Your Watercolor Painting

Care for watercolor

Though my works are painted with permanent colors and high quality acid-free watercolor paper (cold press or hot press), and preserved with a UV protective glaze, there are further steps to take to preserve your paintings.

To care for your watercolor painting, you should follow these steps:

Lighting & Light

  • Watercolor paints (though permanent) are very sensitive to light, which may product discoloration in their pigments.
  • They must be dimly lit and never have direct lighting.
  • Avoid spotlights that constantly illuminate the painting in addition to sunlight.

Temperature & Humidity

  • Place your painting in a dry and ventilated place.
  • Humidity is terrible for watercolor materials, causing the appearance of fungi and molds.
  • Avoid placing painting near sources of intense heat, such as; heaters, fireplaces, kitchens near cooking spaces.

Hanging & Placement

  • Hang your picture as soon as possible
  • The work must be protected by a glass and frame.
  • Be sure the mounting mat is acid-free paper.