How To Use Your Digital Planner

Thanks for your interest in our digital planners. And if you bought a planner you’re on your way to falling in love with a new way to plan and organize.

The digital planner is a clickable PDF document. “Clickable” means it has embedded internal and external links to help you navigate the planner easily.

You can use the planner with any app that will read and annotate a PDF. I have an iPad Mini, so I use Good Notes.

iOS Apps

Noteshelf 2

Microsoft OneNote

Android Apps


Microsoft OneNote

Navigating Your Planner Pages

  1. At the top of the app, be sure you have the “no pen” circle next to the lasso highlighted. (if you have the pens, eraser, or lasso highlighted, you can’t use the navigation.
  2. When you tap on the tabs, it will take you to the month.
  3. On the month page, tap the Monday of the week you want to go to and it will take you to that week.
  4. Weekly pages start on Monday and end on Sunday.

Copy & Pasting Stickers

  1. Tap and hold on the sticker you want to use.
  2. Tap copy.
  3. Go to page where you want to use the sticker.
  4. Tap and hold then tap paste.
  5. Use the blue circles to resize the sticker.
  6. Use the green circle to rotate the circle.
  7. Drag to place where you want the sticker to go

Importing Stickers

  1. Save stickers to your favorite online storage: Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  2. From the Categories page of Good Notes, tap +.
  3. Tap import.
  4. Tap the folder where you uploaded your stickers.
  5. Find the sticker file and tap.
  6. If you have a full page of stickers.
    1. Tap the sticker page.
    2. Use the lasso tool to draw around the sticker you want to copy.
    3. Tap “take a screenshot,” then tap the box in the upper right corner of the new screen.
    4. Tap copy.
    5.  Go back to you planner and the page where you want to add the sticker.
    6. Tap and hold, then tap paste.
    7. To crop the white background if the sticker has one, tap crop.
    8. You can rectangle crop, or freehand. With freehand, you trace around the image. This will crop the white. Tap done.
    9. Now resize, rotate and place the sticker.
    10. If you mess up, just go to the upper right corner and tap the counterclockwise arrow until the sticker is gone.
    11. To edit the image again, tap and hold, then tap edit.


How To Place Extra Planner Pages (Good Notes)

When you click on the extra pages button, it will take you to the extra pages index:

  1. Tap on the page you want to copy and place.
  2. Tap on the four squares at the top left of the Good Notes app.
  3. Note the page number that is highlighted.
  4. Tap “edit” at the top of that screen, now select the page number that was highlighted.
  5. At the bottom of that screen, tap “copy.”
  6. Tap “done.”
  7. Tap the + at the top left of the screen. You’ll see + between the page numbers.
  8. Find the page were you want to add the new planner sheet.
  9. Tap the +
  10. Then tap “paste copied pages.”
  11. Tap done.
  12. Tap elsewhere on the screen to get out of that screen.
  13. You now have a new page added to your planner.